2014 Marengo Ride


           This is the 2014 Swamp Ride design. 


One Day Stamps are available any place that sells Hunting/Fishing Licenses in Louisiana. (Wal-Mart Sporting Goods Dept, Cat Island Grocery, etc.)

Online preregistratiom for the 2014 Marengo Swamp Ride is open. ATV tags will be mailed beginning in Early April.

The 2014 Marengo tee shirts/tank tops can now be purchased  at the Marengo Goods Store! 

For Marengo swamp ride info and preregistration questions contact John at 318-243-6292


Wish I Could of NELA is not supported by and does not receive funding
from any other ATV rides held by private companies or other charities.
We are a Non-Profit charity and use our funds to grant wishes to children
with life-threatening illnesses.

Wish I Could of Northeast Louisiana Foundation is classified a public supported
charity under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3).

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