2016 Trail Conditions

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The Marengo Swamp Ride is this Saturday. This should be one of the best mud rides to date. DO NOT MISS THIS RIDE!! Weather predictions are cloudy skies with 68 to 85 degrees with a 50% to 80% chance of isolated Thunderstorms. The river level is below the trail at all locations and is not predicted to rise to trail level. The lowest point of the trail is at 50ft elevation. Current predictions have the water 5 feet below the LOWEST spot on the trail. The trail is NOT flooded. There is some backwater around mile 6.3 caused by local rainfall but is draining quickly.

The gates will open at dawn with the ride starting between 7am and 8am

The hole at the beginning of the ride will be sure to claim lots of victims and will give the crew something to watch. The first two miles are improved trail(according to the powers that be) and are somewhat easy with water filled ditches on both sides. At the 3/4 mile mark the trail will fork, You may turn right and proceed to the Normal trail OR IF you are brave and adventurous turn left and try out the cutover. The cutover has EXTREME mud for 1 1/2 miles. We are allowing bikes to flow both directions this year from the entrance to the end of the cutover and the suicide hole. This should provide an alternative to making the entire loop in wide SxS’s who want to play in severe mud. After the right turn at the fork proceed another mile and half. The trail then enters the woods and unimproved trail. The water holes can be quite deep but there are lots of alternate routes. The blue diamond markers start here. Look for these if you find yourself lost. They are the route that the trail marking crew followed and is passible by atv and side by side. At mile 3.5 you will find the suicide hole. Easily recognized by the hundreds of spectators watching the show. Plan on an hour or so watching. If you desire to make the loop then head south following the blue markers. In 1/2 mile you will find mile marker 4 and a sharp turn left (east) and the beginning of the fence row. If you like deep water and mud stick alongside the fence and if you want some fun mud to play in parallel the fence just stay about 50 yards away. The blue markers take the easy way here. At mile 4.5 the trail makes a right (south) turn. Beware of the deep water holes in the fence row corner it will be sure to claim a few bikes. After the right turn the trail continues along the fencerow in the same fashion. After about a mile the trail turns left(east) before you get to the creek/lake. Proceed left into the woods alongside the creek until you feel safe to cross. You may have to go 1/2 mile before the water gets 12 inches deep. After crossing the creek you will return down the opposite side of the creek. The markers will begin to veer left into the woods (south) toward cow pen slough. After crossing at the shallow end turn right and follow the trail between the levee and the slough. Next is the bottleneck where there are a few routes to take all involve crossing the levee that follows Bayou Lafourche. The trail will make a left (east)turn at the levee crossing. This is mile 7 and is the farthest point that you will travel. Continue along the trail while dodging 2 or 3 large trees almost blocking the trail beside Bayou Lafourche for almost a mile until you meet the paramedics camped out at mile 7.8. Turn left (northeast) and proceed over the levees. The next mile and half are littered with water holes and bottoms as the trail snakes toward Bayou Morengo (correct spelling). If confused follow the blue diamonds they will lead the way. As you approach Bayou Morengo there is an abandoned car(the hearse or ambulance) at mile 9.5 on the left side of the trail. Immediately after the hearse the trail drops to its lowest point and changes to a northwest direction. In previous years this has been flooded. if you look closely you will see this years high water mark about 6 feet up on the trees Despite high rainfall and flooding around the state this is NOT flooded. It has been as deep as 3 feet on the trail during the ride in previous years. Keep following the trail through the woods until you meet the creek crossings. Be careful and inspect the area to the left for shallower crossings. Once you enter the cutover (Mile 11) the situation changes. There is about 1 1/2 miles of SEVERE mud if you stay in the center of the trail. Stay to the right or left of the blue markers. Have fun and be careful. At mile 12.5 you find yourself back at the fork in the trail. If you turn right you will exit. If it is early (before 2pm) you might want to try it again by turning left just make sure you have enough fuel. After the right turn at the fork you have a few more miles of improved road (except for the last mud hole) to find the end of swamp ride. Well there you have it. Don’t forget mosquito repellant, food and water or drink (just no alcohol ON the ride). You have just spent between 4 and 15 hours only going 13.5 miles on the Marengo Swamp Ride.

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