Hunting / Fishing /Wild La Stamp???

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A few people have been calling about the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) requirement for a valid hunting /fishing license or Wild La stamp.

LDWF rules state:

Persons using WMAs or other department administered lands for any purpose must possess one of the following:

1. a valid Wild Louisiana Stamp
2. a valid Louisiana fishing license
3. a valid Louisiana hunting license

Persons younger than 16 or older than 60 years of age are exempt from this requirement.


The cheapest way to go is to buy a one day Wild LA Stamp for $2.00 at a place that sells hunting and fishing licenses in Louisiana.(such as Wal-Mart).  The cost for a ONE DAY Wild Louisiana Stamp is the same for resident as well as non-resident ( $2.00)



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  1. FYI, I just ran across an article posted on 6/3/09 at that quotes an AP story stating that we have “Free fishing in Louisiana this weekend.” It’s a copyrighted article or I’d post it. Basically it says that Saturday is open access to all facilities.

    Maybe somebody at WIC could verify the story and make an official posting? This would save everyone like myself a special trip to Wally World for a one day license.

  2. I have already made the call. I spoke with Bo Boehringer with the LDWF. He stated that If you were planning on fishing you did not need the permit to access the WMA. However if you were planning on riding an ATV then you would need a permit.
    The bottom line is

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