Boeuf Wildlife Management Area

1. The testing, racing, speeding or unusual maneuvering of any type of vehicle is prohibited within wildlife management areas due to property damages resulting in high maintenance costs, disturbances of wildlife and destruction of forest reproduction.

2. Tractor or implement tires with farm tread designs R1, R2, and R4 commonly known as spade or lug grip types are prohibited on all vehicles. No DOT or AG tires. IF A TIRE IS MANUFACTURED TO BE USED ON AN ATV IT IS ALLOWED.

3. The possession, consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages by participants in the ride is absolutely prohibited on the trail during the ride.

4. Operating ATVs under the influence of alcohol or in an otherwise unsafe manner is prohibited. Manufacturer´s warnings and instructions for the operation of the ATVs should be followed. Minors under the age of 16 should not operate ATVs.

5. Vehicles and ATVs are allowed on established roads and parking areas only. The designated trail shall be open to participants in the Wish I Could organized ride.

6. No littering is allowed. Dumpsites will be provided. PLEASE USE THEM.

7. Possession of firearms or weapons of any type are strictly prohibited.

8. The trail ride and all associated activities must be conducted so as to not reasonably interfere with other users of Boeuf WMA. ie. Vehicles must not block roads, boat launches, parking areas, etc.

9. The trail ride may take place only between sunrise and sunset. After sunset, no riding my be initiated and participants should conclude riding as quickly as possible.

10. Possession of a VALID Louisiana Hunting license, Fishing License or Wild Louisiana Stamp is required by state law for each individual, 16 to 60 years of age, using the WMA. One day stamps are available for $2-$4.50. Stamps may be obtained by visiting a Louisiana Wal-Mart (Sporting Goods Dept) or calling 1-888-765-2602 or visiting

11. ATV regulations by the La Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are waived for one day with limitations as follows: Weight shall not exceed 1,000 pounds. Length shall not exceed 100″ and width shall not exceed 60″.  The size restriction does not exclude SxS’s like RZR, Ranger, Rhino, Mule, Teryx, Big Red, Prowler, Wildcat,  Maverick, Commander, etc.. They are allowed to participate in the ride.