Online Preregistration


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The Marengo Swamp Ride is Saturday June 6th  2015

2015 Marengo T-Shirts and Tanks are available in at the Swamp Ride

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 ATV (preregistration) tags ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR  purchase at   Howards Grocery and Cat Island Grocery in Hebert and Excel Mart #5 and #8 in Columbia and the Yamaha tent at the Entrance Gate.

ATV tags may be purchased online by preregistering for the ride at $20  per ATV from April 1st to June 4th at midnight. ONLINE TAGS WILL BE PICKED UP AT THE ENTRANCE GATE

ATV tags may also be purchased at Entrance gate to ride JUNE 5TH  AND 5TH 9am until 8pm

June 6th ATV  tags may be purchased at the gate dawn till 2pm for $25 per ATV and Cat Island Grocery and Howards Grocery


 ATV TAGS preregistered after May 29th must be picked up at the swamp ride Friday noon till 8pm or Saturday dawn till 2pm.  If you have preregistered and have NOT received your ATV tags by Thursday , Call, text, email John and he will have a copy of your tag waiting at the entrance gate ASAP.





To purchase raffle tickets for the 2014 Yamaha Viking bring an extra $5 and purchase a raffle ticket at the entrance gate Friday noon till 8pm or Saturday dawn till noon   (raffle drawing time is noon)


If you have any questions contact John at 318-243-6292 by text or phone.

If you wish you may print out the preregistration form and use it for registering at the gate,  the 2015 mailout for the swamp ride is available at




2015 /2014 T-shirts and tanks are available in at the Marengo Swamp Ride